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Status: 2nd of Novembre 2003, Version 1.20 English

Here you can read this report in German language / deutsche Originalfassung hier

Read also the TYT-clones FAQ in der TYT-Scan2000 yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Scan2000 , Files section, because it is maybe more up-to-date, or more precise than this report !
Up-to-date are always: http://www.dvdboard.de -> Grundig-Forum, as well as the Scan2000 group, of course.

Maybe this was the last update of this report, read below about the PayPal experience ;)

Written by user G. (= Anwender), including the experiences of users from the German DVDboard.de and the TYT-Clone- / Scan-2000- Group

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Exclusion of Liability:
The author of this web site ("User") is not responsible for any errors or omissions, mistakes or links/bookmarks within this report or for any conclusions or any actions (and their results) done by third persons, who could be inspired by this report. Particularly the author is not responsible for any damage at other's player.
Everybody must know by himself, which DVD-player he wants to buy and how he uses his player.
This report is not a recommendation to purchase such a player.
Remember: Everything You are doing is AT YOUR OWN RISK, because You are a free human being, a priori !

The whole community of TYT 2000 & clones thanks the best and eagerst programmers of the world, thanks to companies TYT, DVS & Scan; special thanks to programming teams of TYT and DVS, to the ghost of the stone knight, the Page and all the other, which I should have forgotten !

But companies TYT and DVS should not think, they could sleep from now on. They should optimize the firmwares furthermore, for the European models, too !

Table of contents:

Remote control
Loader / drive
Extent of delivery
Connections at the back
Firmware - update and warranty
Practice - operation : Setup
Secret menu
System status window SSW, verifying hard- and software
Firmware - recommendations
MP3 and Audio CD
Codes, tips and tricks
Resolution tests of SVCD
Bit- / datarates of SVCD
Summary - plus and minus
Links / bookmarks
Original Grundig FW, adresses, serial numbers


Take care that this report is based mainly on Grundig GDV 130, because the author is an owner of this player. But the TYT-clones have very similar, mostly IDENTICAL parts, mainboards and electronics. E.g. often the differences between one Grundig GDV 130 and another GDV 130 are bigger and more important than differences between one special Scan 2000 and one special Grundig GDV 130 !!
That depends on serial numbers, more exactly: the specific hardware in those players.

The TYT 2000 DVD-player and its clones belong to the so-called " Jacks of all trades ", which cope with DVD Video, video CD (VCD), SuperVCD (SVCD) and MP3. It is based on the often used ESS 4318 F chip, which is used also in numerous other players.

The Grundig GDV 130 has been sold in several remarks, as Grundig GDV 130, 130 / 02 and as Grundig GDV 130 / 04. The 02 and 04 remarks are rarer, they have been sold outside of Germany. The colour of Grundig 130 is silver, other TYT-clones are black. The model Malaga SE 1210 e.g. is a black Grundig 130.
Prices have varied from L 128 up to L 199 pound sterling (ca. 180 - 300 Euro). The noncommittal price recommendation was in Germany even about 350 . At the moment prices vary from 150 to 170 . In America and Mexico prices are around 100 USD...
The TYT-clones offer still more varieties in electronics inside and in firmware.

The front design looks a little bit futuristically, for some people possibly habituation-needily. However, the silver or black complete metal housing box looks quite nobly and stably. On the left hand there is the main power switch, which does unfortunately not separate the power (230 Volt) completely. I recommend a switchable multiple plug socket , which powers all Hifi-equipment on or off. So all, DVD, TV, videorecorder, receiver, amplifier, DAT-recorder, is separated reliably from the mains supply (230 V). This I recommend because of the worse power unit of the TYT-clones. It produces a lot of heat during working. You can feel it at the left part of the player. Sometimes the left part gets warm even if player does not work, if it is in standby mode. So you understand why.
The new American clones have company-build-in coolers in the power unit...

Some operating knobs are on the right hand, the Open/Close button is beside the tray, then, as eyecatcher for navigation, there is a kind of joystick arranged with fast-forward, fast-rewind, up- and downwards in menus, in the center Play/Enter. Furthermore there are 4 buttons on the right: Stop, menu, frame, display. However You do not need these buttons usually, it is more convenient to use remote control (FB).

Remote control

Remote control (FB) of Grundig 130 is very similar to left fig., same colour.


In this figure the FB looks like DiViDo or Scan SC 2000.

Remote control (FB) is appropriate well in the hand, it is also really effectively out of distance, e.g. 5 m, you can use it out of pointed angles and it reacts fast.

On the FB there are separated buttons for Play and Select=Enter, which do not have all players. In the center there is a navigation unit again. On the FB there is everything and the buttons are clearly arranged, zoom, multi-angels, sub-titles, audio-channels, Shuffle, in order to call the most important features.

remote control  


Loader / drive


On the sticker you can read the version of firmware of your loader, eg. LO07 or LO12. (December 2000).

Lo07, Lo09 had problems with CD RW und DVDplus, Lo12 works quite without problems. Meanwhile there is Lo15/LO15 for CD-update and LO16 for PC-update available. LO16 could cause problems and is not recommended at the moment.
Sometimes TYT-clones are sold with LT-series. Latest version available is LT19, it is described as LT1.9, too. LT21 (2.1) has already been reported well and better working than 1.x series, too. LT3.1 , 3.4, 3.7 are available, too.
But: LT1.x can be updated to 2.x, but 1.x, 2.x cannot be updated to 3.x ! 3.1 You can update to 3.4 and 3.7, of course.

The DVD-loader of DVS , DSL 710 A, is placed in the middle. It seems to be good quality, it is silent. It has two lasers, one for DVD and the other for CD's. So it reads without problems all media, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW (DVD-R, RW: Pioneer should be preferred), CD, CD-R and CD-RW. For CD-R and CD-RW you do not need to prefer special brands. Verbatim, Plextor, Platinum, Sunstar, Lifetec/Aldi, blue-, green-, golden-coloured, all brands worked so far.
Reading speed is up to 4 times for CD. Therefore there is a limit of about 4000 - 5000 kbit/s datarate, eg. for SVCD and mini-DVD ! Speed for reading DVD's is up to 2 times.

It is build in a lot of players and brands, eg. into robust 500-Euro-player Sherwood V-756.

Now TYT-clones are not sold with DVS loaders anymore. It is replaced by a Raymedia drive, called ALT. Be aware, which drive You have built in !


player's inside      


The loader is able to get updated as well as the player's firmware. These two sorts of firmware's are independent of each other and are produced by 2 different Korean companys, DVS and TYT (Tae Young Telstar, Tytelstar).
So the loader can either be updated by CD or via connecting to PC. Connecting to PC is safer than updating by CD-R. Updating via PC will perhaps even function after update by CD went wrong !

Vice versa it is possible to exchange DSL 710 A against a PC-DVD-ROM-drive, because of ATAPI connection. Some people reported that exchange worked, but with different results regarding quality. Toshiba, Samsung have been successfull, please read reports at groups.
Furthermore reports, types, how-to-do's of working exchange drives or completely different reports are always welcome at TYT-clone-group !

Especially the Toshiba SD-M 1712 DVD drive was built in by a lot people instead of the DVS or Raymedia drive.
It is very quiet and reads all today's media like DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-R/RW, eg. XSVCD up to about 10000 kbit/s without problems.
The recommended Firmware (FW) is the Kiss XK-02 FW by Hijacker, because the max. speed is limited, and it is RC-free (rpc-1).
This XK-02 FW should be flashed according to Hijackers method 2, that is via DOS-Boot-Disc (eg. simply create a boot disk out of the Windows Explorer of WinXP, then copy the FW-files onto it.)

If you want to update firmware of loader, you must take care of: 1. type of loader, eg. DSL 710 A, 2. series, eg. until now mostly 710A LO series, or LM, LK, LT and so on, because there are different FW's for different series.
Recently somebody reported a Grundig 130 with 710A, but surprisingly LT 1.4 firmware out of box ! They updated to LT17, LT18, LT1.9 (LT19).
FW for wrong series kills loader !
Look at sticker on your loader inside the player. Then you can be sure, which series and which version of FW you have got.
With player's FW since 2.36 you can see the loader's version without opening your player. With official 2.36 SCN (beta 2) and with 2.36 Divido, 6.36 GR there is shown eg. 710A (means DSL 710 A) and LO12 for Lo-series, version 12. To see this information you will press Setup - Volume+ on your remote control (FB). Then you see a blue window, which is called SSW.
Furthermore there are two varieties of each version of FW, eg. LO15. One is for updating with CD, the other is for updating with your PC, if you are able to connect your loader to your PC as secondary master.

Informations: at Herve's. His infos he has got probably by Darren's. Checksums and German reports to loader-updates here in dvdboard. In Scan/TYT-Group there are loader firmwares and infos in database, too.

Recommended firmwares of loader:
LO12 : nearly allright, but it has the "original-audio-CD-problem", a problem with recognizing and not playing some rare original CDDA's. 1:1 copies (to CD-R) of these special non working audio-CD's work fine ! This version has one "advantage": in web there you can find only one and the same update version for CD. It is the same, which is sent originally by DVS, if you ask them for FW.
LO14, Lo14, LO15, Lo15 : LO - versions are newer than Lo. Lo and LO differ at their end of files. At LO there are a few bytes more at the end. LO14, LO15 have been sent recently by DVS to a user, who has been asking for FW. So these LO ones are named "original", the Lo ones are called "wizards", because you can find them there. According to reports of users Lo14, LO14, Lo15, LO15 behave very identically regarding functionality. In these 4 versions the "original-audio-CD-problem" (comparing to LO12) is solved and reading CD-RW, DVD-plus (in comparison to older FW's like LO09) has been really improved.
LO16 could cause problems and is not recommended at the moment.

LT1.9/19, LT2.0/20 : These are actual FW's for LT - series. They should be allright. LT17 / LT1.7 should have some problems.

DVS has told, that upgrading, downgrading and sidegrading of FW's is possible. This has been carried out by different people, too.

Extent of delivery:

The extent of delivery varies dependent of manufacturer or reseller. Company Grundig is very parsimonious. Scan is more generously. Normally they give you a scart cable, but only, if they have got them available...

Here the extent of delivery of Grundig:
  • Remote control (FB) + batteries (unfortunately 2 peaces AAA, better would be 2 pieces of Mignon AA, because of more capacity, cheaper. But with AAA the FB is not so heavy and not too big. So there advantages and disadvantages.)
  • quite good manual in German and other European languages. The manual of other TYT-clones is much more detailed and perhaps even better than Grundig-manual. The best manuals are those based on original TYT-manual with about 46 pages in one language. The English version you can download from TYT-clone-group.
  • unfortunately there are no cables not counting the cable for line current.

  • Recommended accessories, you should provide by yourself:
    So you need for best picture quality one fully equipped scart cable, to send RGB and/or FBAS (and sound) to TV. [Alternatively: Hosiden/SVideo - cable or chinch cable (lowest picture quality)]
    and one cheap chinch or coax cable (cheap chinch is mostly satisfying !), to send sound digitally coaxial eg. to an amplifier (or receiver) with DA-converter (alternatively one pair of chinch to transmit analogue sound from DVD to hifi - amplifier).
    I recommend a switchable multiple plug socket , which powers all Hifi-equipment on or off during longer times of standby. There are some players even getting warm, while player is in standby. You can feel it at the left part of the player. The power unit of TYT - clones seems to be worse constructed. It produces a lot of heat during working. There have been reports of RAITE - clones (eg. Yamakawa) that their power units went out of order after a short time of using, vaulted, later bursted condensators for example. Let's hope that power unit of TYT - clones is better !
    I recommend a sheath current filter, about 5 Euro, if there should be a 50 Hz buzzing out of hifi-speakers. This buzz occurs sometimes if eg. computer, hifi-system, DVD-player, videorecorder, TV are combined together. The sheath current filter you put in antenna cable and then there should be no buzzing anymore. Before you buy such a cheap filter you can try pulling the antenna cable off. If without antenna cable there is no buzzing at your hifi system then that filter helps.
    I detected that my Grundig 130 in combination with Panasonic-TV causes horrible buzzes at hifi system. With TV's of other brands there were no problems. This problem could not be solved by pulling off the antenna cable or introducing a sheath current filter, even plugging off the line current cable of Grundig 130 does not help ! Only disconnecting the scart cable between DVD (Grundig 130) and TV (Panasonic) helps !!


  • MP3, Audio-CD (CDDA), DVD-plus, AC3
  • CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R (only DVD-Video), DVD-RW, mini-DVD
  • ESS 4318 F - chipset
  • Multizone, even for RCE-protected DVD's
  • Videorecorder friendly (feature depends on FW)
  • MP3 and Audio-CDs: true shuffle/random-play
  • PAL, NTSC, multi norm, norm conversion NTSC -> true PAL (50 Hz)

  • Connections at the back:

  • SCART output with FBAS and RGB with parallel functioning
  • S-Video output (Hosiden)
  • FBAS output (chinch)
  • Audio: coaxial digital output, works parallel to analogue output. This is not common according to other ESS - based players !
  • Audio: analogue stereo line out

  • Grundig has skimped on connections. But there is everything important for best hifi- and best picture- quality, like coaxial digital out and RGB via scart.

    There are plans to build in optical digital out. An independent expert has confirmed that these plans will not kill the player, as far as he could see...
    The required parts would only cost about 5 to 10 . You can find plans and photos of missing opt. dig. out in TYT-group. Who builds in opt. dig. out first, please publish photos or send them to me (I_hate spamGigo-fern@gmx.netI_do_hate_spam_really) for publishing.
    Addition: It has been done, search files section of TYT-clone-Scan-group at Yahoo.
    There is following solution without "doing yourself" to get opt. dig out parallel to coax. dig. out: Buy an "Y" - cable (chinch) and a converter coax to optical.
    By that Y-cable only, you get two parallel coax. dig. outs.

    Remember that Grundig does not manufacture the player by themselves, they are importing from Korea. By this way there are a lot of electronic clones of Korean TYT 2000, like Scan SC-2000 in England, Divido in Netherlands, Daewoo 2000 eg. in France and Germany, Emerson and others. So there are varieties with additional optical digital out and / or additional scart plug. These lot of brands and players guarantee that there is still working on player's features and improvements even in future.
    Now TYT-clones (Daewoo 5700, 5800) are sold in Northern America, Mexico, USA.
    These players have slightly different technics, eg. 110 V power supply (Europe 230 V), different sound-chip; no RGB, but YUV. FW is very very close to European players FW, but slightly adjusted regarding details.

    Firmware - Updating and warranty

    Now the eventual buyer may ask himself what is his advantage if player is improved after he bought it. Yes, this is the great advantage of this player. It is upgradeable by CD. That is, you could take your player to nearest Grundig service station, perhaps where you bought it. After playing the update CD for 20 seconds you have got improvements. Or you get new firmware (FW) (512 kb, zipped about 400 kb) by world wide web and you burn your update CD by yourself. Company Scan in England has best FW service. If you take care of some rules then you will not even lose your warranty if you use only their official FW that is published in European TYT Group / Scan 2000 Group at Yahoo. If you are updating your Grundig 130 by yourself, especially using unofficial NON-Grundig-FW's, you will lose your Grundig - warranty of one or two years.
    Addition: Since some time You may download actual Grundig-FW (6.36 GR) from official Grundig-website, Grundig needed lots of time for "designing" this site...
    But: Now nobody does not really want to use official Grundig-FW, thanks to GSK !

    Fact is, that there is the possibility of updating software. This works mostly without problems. In fact the FW gets still improved by Korean developer's of FW. I dare to tell, that at the moment the TYT - clones with FW 2.36 / GSK2/3 are the DVD-video-players with most and in summary best working functions.
    And if updating went wrong ("killed player") then you can wake up your player again: The chip Amic 29040 is in a socket and could be easily taken out of the player. Then it could be updated correctly by flash - EEPROM - programmer.
    There are not many players which have got such a possibility for updating, eg. the Amoisonic 8506 F has got a socketed flash-rom. More to firmware and updating here.


    EEPROM chip   


    Some people bought flash roms to have a replacement in the case flashing should go wrong or in warranty cases. They have let their original Amic 29040-70 (means 70 ns) with official FW. But in fact they are using the replacement chip with desired, unofficial FW ! Eg. following chips (there are more, look at File section at European TYT group) worked so far:
    AMD 29F040-120 burned with Needhams EMP-20 (Binary-Mode), Macronix MX29F040PC70 (70ns, PC means DIP 32 - "box") burned with flash eeprom programmer "ALL-11" (All07 does not work). The ct - (ISA) and the www.loet.de - (IDE) - eeprom flash programmer work, too, to flash eg. the Amic. That chips with only 120 ns are working, that has been reported by several users. Because it is difficult to get chips with 70 ns, they tried them. There has been a suggestion to try chips with 90 ns. These chips should be available, too.
    If Your flasher should not be able to flash the Amic29040-70 expressis verbis, then mostly this is possible by using AMD - settings for Your Amic.

    In European TYT clone group there are polls about which features should be first build in FW in future and which features are wanted additional.

    Practice - operation


    As you can see in fig. above, there are a lot of possibilities of adjustment, several "main menus", like: audio, video, sundries, languages, safety for children. Above you can see the audio menu for example. These photos are taken by english FW of Scan, version 2.33 SCN VF, playing on Grundig 130. So a few legends are not written in perfect German language. Eg. in corresponding Grundig FW 2.33 GR1 at "Downmix" the short form "LT/RT" would be changed to "Stereo Pro Logic".

    Overall the setup is well made and easy to understand. It is much better than that in other (non-TYT-clones) ESS-players.

    In this figure you can choose between line mode and RF mode. This possibility you do not have in menus of Grundig-FW. With GR1 - FW you have to choose these modes by remote control codes. With those little exceptions Grundig-, Scan-, and other FW of TYT-clones is quite identically dependent on number of version of FW.

    The Line Mode seems to sound too silent via analogue out. The RF Mode is more louder via analogue out, but you lose dynamics of sound. A lot of movies have as maximum sound eg. explosions, so in same movie normal dialogues sound much more silent. The questions are: do you like your neighbours or do your neighbours still like you, if in the evening real sound comes out of your room during James Bond is shooting out of all gun-barrels, if he let's go with all one he has ? Beside the downsizing of dynamics by choosing RF-mode you can lower dynamics in menu dynamics in several steps.
    In fact the line mode has still got a too low level in DVD - mode. This can be adjusted by higher level of sound of TV or amplifier.

    You can choose setup menu during you are watching a movie, changing something, then you can go on watching movie at the mark where you stopped before.

    Secret menu

    You can select a special secret menu via remote control code, look at fig. below.

    VE25102 tells indirectly the used FW-version eg. 2.33SCNVF. Here is more interesting the selected region code, called "region or debug", and special selections for audio-dither or picture mode, nonflicker, hires = high resolution, auto = automatically, off. Auto should be the best selection according to a report of one user, but others think that these selections are only effective to setup menu.

    The TYT-clones have an advantage: you need only to select one time region code (RC) 9 = bypass (USA: 1, Europe: 2, all regions: 9). With this selection you can play RC1, RC2 DVD's, even the DVD's with RCE protection.

    System status window SSW,
    verifying hard- and software

    By remote control you can press setup - volume+. Then you look at SSW, which tells about your player's hard- and software.

    ADV 7172 or 7170 is the used video-chip, the in web existing FW's of Grundig, Scan and TYT are working with . Be careful not to exchange by mistake FW for CS-chip or vice versa.

    Be careful of version of front display, VFD1 or VFD2 ! Just FW 2.36 copes with both front displays, VFD1 and VFD2 ! In SSW there is "Dual" instead of "VFD1/2", if you have got 2.36.

    SSW Menü       


    Only FW's since 1.64 and board revisions (Board-Rev.) since 13 are upgradeable by CD-Rom regarding conditions written above. Board-Revs from 06 to 12 could be made flashable using a manual ! Older FW-versions perhaps do not show in SSW wether there is ADV717x or CS.... on board. You get safety which FW (either for ADV717x or for CS....) you should use, only, if you screw up your player and look into. Newer FW's like 2.33 (in 2.33 it is proven, if higher FW's still have that safety is unknown) have got a safety lock. They recognize if you are trying to update "wrong" FW to board with "wrong" chip, ADV or CS. Then they stop procedure of update, so that nothing happens.

    00000003 names flash-Rom-chip Amic 29040.
    The custom ID SCN and the Main Ver 233 are labeling here the used FW 2.33 of Scan. Instead of SCN for Scan's FW there is shown as custom ID GR1 for Grundig GDV 130 or GR2 for GDV 130/02, look at your player's back, too.
    FW GR1 and GR2 you can exchange each other, (so like SCN - FW is working 100% perfectly on original GR1 - players), because the player's hardware are identical, like all TYT-clones, (under preconditioning that you are careful to differences CS.... - chip vs. ADV717x - chip and VFD1 vs. VFD2). GR2 should have got an English language preselection in setup. But because you can select languages in setup, there is no problem changing between English and German or other languages, like in Scan FW ! That possibility of exchanging GR1 and GR2 FW has been confirmed by users of GR2, who have updated from their old GR2 FW to eg. 2.33 GR1.

    VFD means version of front display. You can recognize VFD1 by long segments for showing characters on front display (segment-matrix). VFD2 (c. since Board Rev. 16, c. since serial numbers of 49000) consists of a lot of small dots of light (dot-matrix).
    FW up to 2.35 works normally with VFD1. In world wide web you can find 2.34 GR1 VFD2. If there is nothing shown of "VFD1/2 or Dual" in SSW, then you have VFD1.
    Updating of a VFD2 player with VFD1 FW (2.35 and below) results to a change in SSW, there would be shown VFD1. But your front display will not work anymore and some buttons at the front will not work anymore, too. The important buttons "power" and "open/close" (you need them for updating) are working still. The player itself works properly, just the front display shows "Chinese characters" !
    Fortunately you can go back to VFD2 or Dual FW. Then your front display is well again !
    So you should be careful if you are updating with VFD1, VFD2 or Dual version of FW. FW 2.36 copes with both front displays, VFD1 and VFD2, = Dual. If after updating your display shows "Chinese" charakters, then try selecting in setup menu the correct type, VFD1 or VFD2 instead of Auto (= automatically selection of your display). Of course there are still different versions of 2.36, either for ADV717x - or for CS....- chip.
    Meanwhile you can be able to find 2.34 GR1 special for VFD2 in web. So owners of VFD2 are able to upgrade to original Grundig-FW (eg. from 2.31 GR1 VFD2 to 2.34 GR1 VFD2) or can downgrade (eg. from 2.36 SCN Dual to 2.34 GR1 VFD2). The 2.34 behaves like 2.33.

    Tdvd-001.rom names that file of FW, that could be updated now. By pressing volume+ you can step forward from 000, to 001, 002, 003....
    So you could burn several versions of FW to one CD. And for up-/downgrading you could choose your wanted version.

    Firmware - recommendations related to ADV - chipset:

    Do You recall the asking here for a PayPal donation to keep the service around TYT & clones going ?
    1. only 2 or max. 3 guys were willing to spent a donation.
    2. PayPal was the worstworstworst sh*t ever.
    Never again !
    The spent money would have been only arrived here, if the Paypal account would have been 'upgraded' to an account with monthly fixed costs !!
    At least the willing guys have got back the biggest part of their donation.

    Recommended FW: first best FWs, in decreasing order by numbers

    Always latest GSK FW, check out regularly Files section of Scan2000/TYT-clones group !
    Currently (2003-11-02) it is GSK3:
    MP3 on DVD-+R/RW etc.
    1. GSK2 (B) : not official FW, which is based on 2.36SCNbeta2 (official Scan FW).
    You have to create this FW on your own by patching official 236SCNbeta2 by GSK2 package and just following the instructions.
    You could create 89 FWs !
    The GSK2 - package contains a safety - check, so that you do not need to compare created Fws by checksums for safetyness. This safety-check as well as the whole GSK2 package is really user-friendly and safe, according to hours of work.
    VF is video friendly, PE is picture enhancement. PE results to increased sharpness compared to non-PE versions like eg. official 2.36.

    GSK2 offers following new options:

    P = PE = Picture Enhance (Standard)
    D = PE:DVD = Picture Enhance for DVD playback
    V = PE:VCD = Picture Enhance for VCD playback, low resolution, low bitrate
    B = PE:BQS = Picture Enhance for Broadcast Quality Signal, for older TV
    6 = PAL60 = Optimize "NTSC" playback for modern PAL TV's
    N = NP = Remove Brightness Pedestal from NTSC signal
    S = SARC = SCART Aspect Ratio Control
    F = VF = Video Friendly
    U = UOP = Remove User Operation Prohibit

    If using Pal60 option, reset player to factory settings after flashing to make Pal60 work.

    ADV 7172 and ADV 7170 :
    All GSK 2_B roms are working.

    2. GSK1 : unofficial FW, which is based on 2.36SCNbeta2 (official FW of Scan). Due to GSK2, GSK1 is obsolete, outdated.
    You have to create that FW by yourself by patching the official 236SCNbeta2 with program GSK1a.exe.
    You can create three different FWs:
    a) GSK1-vp : this is vf and pe
    b) GSK1-v : this is only VF, (without pe)
    c) GSK1-p : this is only pe, (without vf)
    VF is video friendly, PE is picture enhancement. PE results to increased sharpness compared to non-PE versions like eg. official 2.36.

    3. 2.36 SCN (beta 2, official FW of Scan) : Dual: full funktion with VFD1 and 2
    This is latest FW for ADV717x. Version of loader-FW is shown in SSW. File names are scrolling on front display OR in beta menu: long file names (LFN) of MP3 are shown on TV, and so on.
    Because this is official FW, it is not VF. Informations to 2.36 here at Herve's with screenshots, and here in DVDboard.

    4. 1.92 : VFD1
    FW between 1.91 and about 2.04 is until now the best choice for special VCD. XVCD works fine even with variable bitrate ! But be careful, downgrading voids warranty (of company Scan). And it could be dangerous if you have ADV7170. This type was introduced at FW's higher than 2.0x. So it is possible that player with 7170 do not work with 1.92 eg. Then your only possibility is: Flashing your Amic with external EEprom programmer.

    5. 2.36 SCN VF (beta 1) : Dual
    This FW is VF, at least with players with ADV7172.
    With ADV7170 the FW is working, but without VF. Agent Smith has reported that he has found some players with ADV7170 that are permanent VF. It came out of the box with FW 2.23 GR1 and kept VF after updating to 2.36 SCNVF, too.

    6. 2.33 SCN VF , official FW of Scan: VFD1: it is working with VFD2, but without front display, after updating to VFD2- or Dual- FW display is allright again.
    This FW is VF, with ADV7172 AND ADV7170 ! Disadvantages of this FW: no LFN and so on, problems with SVCD.

    6b. 2.34 GR1 : VFD2
    This FW is not VF, features and bugs like 2.33. It can only be recommended if you need official Grundig-FW.

    6c. 2.33 GR1 : VFD1
    Perhaps this FW is VF by pressing codes each time on remote control. I do not know exactly, because I did not used it...
    It can only be recommended if you need official Grundig-FW.

    7. 2.29 GR1 : VFD1
    This FW is VF by pressing codes on remote control for player with ADV7170 and ADV7172. Disadvantages of this FW: old, MP3 sound not 100% perfectly, no true random-play, we do not need to talk about features of 2.36. Advantages: "Grundig", SVCD works as perfectly as with 2.36, much better than with 2.33 !

    Special FW of Grundig:
    6.36 : official FW of Grundig. There are 2 Grundig versions of 6.36 GR, an older (available from Che) and a newer one (from Grundig or Che).
    6.36 does not have the beta menu and is NOT VF.

    6.34 : not recommended ! official FW of Grundig. 6.34 is not able to get updated by CD with 2.xy FW again !! 6.34 behaves like 2.34 (VFD2).
    Method, to update 6.34 to 2.xy by CD
    1. 6.34 to 6.36 from Grundig or Che, 2. 6.36 to 2.36 eg.

    These recommendations are similar for CS-FW or for other brands. At Herve's there are 2.33 and 2.36 CS - FW. But the 2.36 CS should have killed players, as reported. So probably Herve's 2.36 CS was never working on a player so far. But unfortunately there will not be released any official FW anymore, that is VF, independent to brands or chipsets...

    MP3 and Audio-CD

    MP3 features and usage is very well. All subdirectories and directories are listed in main menu, look at fig. below.

    So you can choose one album. Then you can coose a certain title of that album. Or you press shuffle and you will enjoy a randomly played program of all songs that are on that CD. This is an important feature (since FW 2.33 perfect random function), which have got only a few players until now.

    Since FW 2.36 you can choose either if you want scrolling directory- and song- names on front display (8 characters are shown) or beta menu: long file names (LFN) on TV screen.

    In fig. above you see the actually played song, Riders on the Storm, by the doors, album "The Best of the doors CD 1". The ID 3 tag is scrolling in last line.

    The fig. above [taken from old FW 2.32 TYT beta LFN (long file names)] shows nearly how it is done in 2.36. In 2.36 you go to "secret menu". There you choose "beta-version" of FW. Then you get a browser like "Windows" with long file names.
    Mini-DVD is possible to activate, too.

    Unfortunately there is no interesting display of audio-CD's on TV. So the quality of usage is like a normal CD-player with eg. program function, random play. Perhaps it is planned in future to show CD-text, if it is on a certain audio-disc (only at newer Sony-CD's and perhaps on self-burned audio-CD's).

    With Enhanced (audio-) CD's or with DVD plus (non standard DVD, because disc is a little bit more thick, one side DVD, the other side audio-CD) there no problems. At live-audio-CD's the player does not introduce a short pause between following songs. The player works perfectly. This is a small advantage to all Players that are based on Zoran Vaddis III.

    The quality of hifi-sound of audio-CD and MP3 using stereo analogue out is related to the costs of the player. In A/B tests with better and more expensive CD-players of 500 costs (and then you would have CD only) there was a clear difference of quality via analogue out (tested with older FW below 2.30).

    Using digital out, external DA-converter (eg. in 5-channel-amplifiers or DAT-recorders) you get independent of cheap Far-East-electronics of analogue part of the player. You will get best sound, of course depending on your external amplifier and electronics).

    So even hifi experts may read out their audio-CD's and MP3-CD's with TYT-clone players. But they should use an external DA-converter. The decoded MP3-signal is given out as linear PCM stereo signal at digital out. It would be nice, if in future there would be the possibility of choosing either MP3 is given out as PCM or as original MP3 data (raw) at digital out. Influence of FW: Since 2.32 quality of decoding MP3 to PCM has improved a lot. The sound is very well by latest versions of FW.

    Summarizing: MP3 - capabilities are very well. MP3's of all encoder's from 32 up to 320 kbit/s have been played, like Lame, Radium, Fraunhofer (Musicmatch), Xing (in decreasing order of quality of encoders). So you do not need pure Fraunhofer - encoders. Furthermore TYT - clones have no problems with variable bitrate VBR, like Zoran Vaddis III - player, that cannot play VBR at all.

    A side issue for the experts of hifi experts is improved since 2.36: 24 bit 96 kHz sampling linear PCM stereo is not down sampled anymore to 48 kHz at digital out. It is given out originally with 96 kHz, if you should get DVD's with this sort of music (eg. Technics Jazzport 2000 DVD Audio/Video). (According to definitions and agreements of industry, (my personal opinion: DVD-Forum = DVD-Mafia), there is no need or even "must" to downsample high quality 96/24 stereo to inferior 48 kHz. Only 24/96 5-channel and "higher" quality signals (DVD-Audio, that TYT 2000-clones do not cope with yet) are only allowed to be given out analogue or downsampled.) In future FW it would be nice, if there would be the possibility to choose if 96/24 stereo signals get downsampled to 48 kHz or not at digital out, because some people have got very high quality DA-converters (that understand only 48 kHz) and very high quality analogue parts/pre-amplifier eg. in their DAT-recorders.

    Regarding this special feature (24/96 stereo are given out originally at digital out without downsampling) the TYT clones are at the top together with Pioneer and SEG 1000. Only Pioneer (eg. model 535) (and latest SEG model SEG 1000) do not downsample to 48 kHz at digital out. Other players like Cyberhome are turning off the digital out completely if they are playing such signals ! (The Cyberhome's digital out turns on again after power off and on...)


  • + forced captions are removeable by a trick (eg. if you want to listen to original language version (eg. English) of a German RC2 DVD without watching to awful translated captions in German language...). These forced captions occur only at DVD's of some special company's.
    Since GSK2 with U = UOP you don't even need to use the trick, because all user prohibitions are removed automatically !
  • + video friendly (VF), but video friendly is depending on FW. Latest official FW's are not VF anymore. Mostly you need VF, if you have eg. TV without scart or only one scart and you want to use your videorecorder (not for copying DVD to VHS !), still, and you have got a TYT - clone with only one scart, like eg. Grundig 130. MV is completely useless, because if you really want to copy DVD to VHS, then you may buy an external MV-killer. The DVD-Forum should know that today not only experts are able to get high quality video on CD as VCD/SVCD. So MV is a relic of the analogue past. It is poison even for producers, resellers and dealers of DVD-players. So I hope you understand, why DVD-Forum is a silly Mafia (there are more reasons).
    But the Ghost of the Stone Knight is living.
  • + You can switch TYT - clones region code free (RC free). Even RCE protected DVD's cause no problems.
  • + Fast rewinding/forwarding (FR/FF) speed 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 up to 64 , slow motion in , , 1/8 speed, very well features. Still picture, good quality, still pictures can follow after each other
  • + Zoom: 2, 4, 8 times, Video CD and DVD, but zooming is only rather good quality up to 4 times, one reason is probably technics of DVD in generally. Advantage: zoom, still picture, slow motion, FR/FF can be combined together.

  • + DVDplus is played well, DVD- and CD- sides.
  • + The conversion of NTSC RC1-DVD's to true PAL 50 is really well and difficult to distinguish between NTSC original and converted movie, comparing this feature with other players.

  • - no PAL 60, but PAL60 is with GSK2 available...
  • - analogue stereo out is too silent during playing DVD. It does not fit the norm. Out of digital out there is a perfect signal. As I told, I recommend an external DA-converter, like it is in Dolby Digital / dts - 5-channel - amplifiers / receivers !
  • + no downsampling of 24 bit / 96 kHz stereo (DVD-Video) to 48 kHz. But there are different opinions, if these music signals are given out better with 48 or 96 kHz sampling, because some people think that only people with ears of bats, cats and dogs are able to hear frequencies over 20 kHz.

  • So the operation of DVD's is very well and manifold.

    What's the matter with picture quality ?

    If you hear ESS-chip, you will often associate "colour-pumping", artefacts, stairs of colours. This appeared at TYT-clones with early versions of FW, downwards of about 2.00. By changes of hardware and firmware there are a lot of improvements. E.g., Grundig had to change a small part of one complete series (serial numbers c. 19000 to 27000), that was an error of manufacturing. Perhaps the video encoder ADV717x is a little bit better than the formerly used CSxxxx - chip. But the reason could be that at the time of the CS-chip there were only old and bad versions of FW. There have been reports of users with CS, that with eg. FW 2.36 for CS, picture quality has got improved a lot, too. But the famous test scene of Matrix, Trinity phoning in front of a dark wall in chapter 2, shows still a little bit of "colour - pumping". But only if you are waiting for pumping and you do not want to watch anything else. In practice of watching DVD it is not really remarkable or even annoying.
    GSK has increased sharpness. You may choose if you want increased sharpness or FW, which is not so sharp, which may be better for VCD with not so high resolution.

    In fact you get by DVD a picture quality, that is much better than VHS/SVHS or even cable-TV. This you can watch with TYT-clones, too. There are people, who watch DVD movies on 3 meters wide (linen) screen. Movie is projected by a projector (beamer) that costs several thousands of Euros. And the projector is fed by a low cost DVD-player with ESS-chip. But the ESS-chip has been used in expensive brands of DVD-players, too, like Denon. By using RGB resolution of DVD-players is so excellent that you can even see pixelation errors (only in still picture mode) that result by bad encoded DVD's, like Matrix. By FBAS you cannot watch those finenesses, because of naturally technical reasons.

    Codes, tips and tricks

  • + VF : Use GSK2, or: press on remote control: Setup - Stop - Title - Prev - Setup (works without open tray !), thanks to Che, father of Grundig 130 VF !
    In English SCN FW you should replace Stop by Step : Setup - Step - Title - Prev - Setup
    There are FW's named "VF". These FW's keep VF in mind. Unfortunately latest official FW's do not have any possibility to become your player VF.
  • + region code free: Open - Setup - 9 - 2 0 0 0 - Step - Shuffle – Next, thanks to Josef, father of Grundig 130 RC free !

  • 9 means bypass, all regions. It should work even for RCE protected DVD's. So you use this code only one time and then you do not need it again ! Instead of 9, you can take eg. 2 (Europe) or 1 (USA), so you can choose special regions. Instead of 2000 you should try 3010 or 2010 for eg. English firmwares. That code depends on resellers like Scan, Grundig, Daewoo, Logix.

  • Secret-, Beta- menu: Open - Setup - Shuffle - Step – Next

  • Analogue out: increase sound (at scart and line out), but losing dynamics:

  • RF mode: Setup - Stop - Step - Angle result: louder and subjectively better, but objectively no hifi anymore because of decreased dynamics.
  • Line Mode: Setup - Stop - Step – Title, line mode has got full dynamics.

  • SSW: firmware and more: Setup - Volume+, each time you press Volume+ the name of the file that gets updated increases, eg. Tdvd-001.rom

  • long version : Open - Setup - Stop - Step – menu, by this way the FW-file's name stays at Tdvd-000.rom

  • + forced captions switched off, thanks to Tom, father of Grundig 130 FC off !

  • Use GSK2, or: Setup: Choose language eg. German and Captions something different than Off ! – Play a few seconds of first scene of your DVD – Power Player off and on again. Press immediatly Setup ! – Switch language to eg. English and Captions Off (that example is usually desired by Germans) – Leave Setup. The DVD goes on playing at that mark, where you powered off. This example is typical for Germans.

    VCD and SVCD

    You can use TYT-clones to play standard SVCD or standard VCD without problems. But more interesting are capabilities of non standard SVCD and non standard VCD, XVCD: VCD with higher resolution , DVCD: VCD with higher bitrate, SXVCD: XVCD multiplexed and burned as SVCD !, XSVCD: SVCD with higher resolution or / and higher bitrate. TYT-clones are able to play all these variations ! Resolutions of DVB receivers (528x576, 544x576, 704x576 und 720x576) work, too.

    WinOnCD 3.8 music- and photo- albums are playing well and fast, with music in the background, too. SVCD with 4 caption streams and 2 audio streams work, too. SVCD photo albums burned by Nero 5.x work with newer FW since 2.33 again, but not with FW's from c. 2.09 up to c. 2.32 !
    99 minutes CD-Roms of company Parrot work (you can get them at www.nierle.de).

    Playing Mini-DVD's is possible since FW 2.36 with datarates below 4000 kbit/s.

    TYT-clones offer a function called DIGEST. It shows nine "chapters" of a VCD or SVCD. Then you can choose one. But building up the pictures of the 9 chapters lasts too long. Other players like Samwin DVD 2220 (based on Zoran Vaddis III) can do this much better and quicker.

    SVCD tests with FW 2.29 / 2.36

  • + 480x576 3000 kbit/s 1:1 DVB recording

  • + 480x576 AV Master -> TMGENC convertion above 3000 kbit/s CBR, multiplexer BBMPEG

  • + 480x576 2100 kbit/s DVD Master recording, multiplexed by BBMPEG

  • + 480x576 recording with DVD Master with very high bitrate, then by Flask -> Panasonic converted to MPEG1 XVCD 480x576, multiplexed as SVCD by BBMPEG: "SXVCD"

  • + DVCD (VCD with non standard bitrate, normal resolution 352x288)

  • + XSVCD: 480x576 in variable bitrates VBR from 1000 up to 3500 kbit/s

  • SVCD tests of resolutions

  • + 320x576 unusual resolution, screen not totally filled

  • + 352x576 allright

  • + 368x576 screen not totally filled

  • + 384x576 screen not totally filled

  • + 480x576 allright, important resolution

  • + 544x576 allright

  • + 640x576 screen not totally filled

  • + 704x576 allright

  • + 720x576 allright

  • So the unusual resolutions 320x576, 368x576, 384x576, 640x576 are a little bit difficult to use. But by a trick you get them working quite well.
    FW's 2.29 and 2.36 are probably the best ones for SVCD.

    SVCD's made by BBMPEG / NERO or I-Author / Creator cannot FF/FR. After a few seconds the SVCD starts everytime at the beginning, very worse behaviour.

    But for this SVCD fast forwarding - problem there are following solutions, even with Nero as burning software:
    a) use WinOnCD instead of Nero
    b) with Nero: Add (text-) file Scandata.dat (content SCAN_VCD, so the file is 8 Byte big !) to EXT - directory, look at European TYT-group or Stefan Uchrins EDV-Tips.

    Latest Nero versions (5590 eg.) contain scandata.dat in EXT, so no problems anymore, but check it out before wasting CDs or time !

    Bit- / datarates of 480x576 SVCD
    2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000 (480x576 of DVB with limit of 15000 , perhaps an average of 6000); work well. Even during zooming 2 or 4 times the picture quality is well.

    Bit- / datarates of 480x576 SVCD with constant bitrates, CBR

    100% perfect function of SVCD's (without problems like out of sync after FF/FR, without sound drop outs or pauses) is only warranted up to datarates inclusive 4500 kbit/s (bitrate incl. video and audio stream). This is only true, if you use Tmpeg 12 a for multiplexing of audio and video ! Sometimes even 5000 kbit/s are working perfectly.
    Using other multiplexers will result in trouble.
    BBmpeg 1.24 beta 18 is perfect up to only 3500 kbit/s incl. audio, if you use standard settings. BBmpeg reaches higher bitrates if you turn yourself the buffers to higher numbers.
    Other versions than Tmpeg 12 a are "poison". Only latest 12 i seems to work again up to 4000 - 4500 kbit/s. But with 12a you are on safe, well experienced side.


  • +- FF/FR speed 2, 4, 8, 16. (be careful of method of burning, with Nero add Scandata.dat to EXT - directory (content Scan_vcd , file is 8 bytes large !)

  • + jumps in time (and/or FF/FR) possible if PBC off (PBC = playback control)
  • - no slow motion,
  • + still picture and

  • + following of several still pictures after each other,

  • + pause.

  • + 2, 4, 8 times zooming during movie or still picture, quite well quality (up to 4 times)

  • + If there are several tracks on one CD, then you can choose them by selecting numbers.

  • VCD
  • + VCD, XVCD, DVCD in VBR, variable bitrates are possible,

  • + FF/FR,

  • + still picture,

  • + zoom.

  • - best FW's for XVCD: 1.91, 1.92., 1.93, perhaps up to 2.04, solution: SXVCD, look below, but I do not know if that works properly, you should try !

  • - Digest : slowly

  • VCD / XVCD - users told that XVCD work really worse regarding out of sync comparing FW's 1.91 to 2.04 with latest FW's 2.29 or 2.36 !!

    SXVCD: method, to convert existing, but not perfectly working XVCD's or SVCD's to perfectly working S(X)VCD, but you should try out yourself:

    1. Demultiplex video- and audio- streams, eg. by Tmpeg 12 a, "Files" "MPEG tools"
    2. Multiplex video- und audio- streams again, but multiplex as SVCD, even the video stream has been Mpeg 1, VCD/XVCD ! It is important to use either Tmpeg 12 a or another well working multiplexer like M2 Edit Pro. Alberto recommends using M2 Edit Pro for remultiplexing of VCD/XVCD. You should try your methods first by testing short movies and using CD-RW. Eg. you should play with the buffers of BBmpeg 1.24beta18 to receive higher bitrates that work perfectly without sound drop outs !
    3. Burn MPG file as SVCD , eg. Nero, do not forget adding Scandata.dat to EXT !

    SVCD with AC3 / 5.1 Dolby Digital / MP3 audio streams ! , by Oliver Winwood
    You can produce such a SVCD by authoring and burning the video and audio streams as mini - DVD !! You need a DVD-Authoring program like Spruce Up. You can play these mini-DVDs in beta menu in 2.36 beta versions, eg. in official 2.36SCNbeta2.

    2.29 vs 2.33 vs 2.36
    Unfortunately SVCD works only in FW 2.29 and in 2.36 (Thank FW-programmers of TYT !!) 100% perfectly as described. In FW 2.33 there are a lot of sound dropouts. Regarding SVCD 2.33 behaves worse (probably not so tolerant to mistakes of encoders and multiplexers) comparing 2.36 und 2.29 to 2.33. Probably the reason was using older versions of BBmpeg or other versions than Tmpeg 12a ! It was reported that SVCD's work well with 2.33 if video and audio were encoded separately and multiplexed at the end with different program than TmpegEnc (Tsunami). Eg. BBmpeg 1.24 beta 18, latest version, not Tmpeg.
    Are there still sound drop outs or out of sync eg. after jumps in time or fast forwarding, then short rewinding with speed 2 times may help or you must increase buffers in BBmpeg to higher to reach higher bitrates than 3500 kbit/s.

    In FW 2.36 those problems (eg. with Tmpeg or older versions of BBmpeg) are solved. 2.36 behaves identically to 2.29 regarding SVCD.
    The best multiplexer seems to be Tmpeg 12 a !

    Comparing FW 2.29 to 2.33, 2.33 offers an improved MP3-Decoding and true random / shuffle. This has been a great advance, because before the player played every time the same "random - sequence". It was interesting that these "random - sequences" have been the same even by players of other brands (with ESS-chip) !

    Since 2.33 the TYT - clones are the first players that offer true random !
    Perhaps FW 2.36 has got an even better sound quality of MP3 than 2.33, as some users reported. Obviously 2.36 is the best allround-FW, winner in nearly all categories. Or in some special cases there are solutions of problems to use 2.36 100%.

    Summary - plus and minus




    • quite good price: 200 to 300
    • manifold functions like zoom, slow motion, fast forwarding/rewinding and combinations
    • VF, code free by remote control, forced captions removeable
    • MP3 up to 320 kbit/s, CBR and VBR
    • a lot of MP3 features, true random, ID3-tags, LFN; directories and names of songs are scrolling on front display !
    • mini-DVD, (X)VCD, (X)SVCD well, VBR up to 4500 kbit/s
    • setup menu is clearly arranged, a lot of possibilities
    • manuals
    • conversion of NTSC to PAL 50
    • At a lot of finenesses you recognize that TYT produced perhaps the best FW for ESS-players or even for all DVD-Video players. There is better technics and firmware compared to other ESS-players.
    • updating is easily performed by CD
    • GSK - Probably there are further improvements of FW.
    • plans in www to build in missing optical digital out, costs 5 to 10 .
    • a little bit "colour pumping" in certain scenes (eg. Trinity phoning in front of wall, Matrix, chapter 2.)
    • some qualities are still dependent on version of FW,
      like eg. 1.91 - 2.04 best for XVCD,
      2.36 best for other functions (DVD, SVCD, MP3).
    • buzzing by combination of Panasonic TV with TYT-clones and hifi amplifiers
    • Too much heat by worse power unit, even in standby. Photos have been published with passive coolers on ESS - chip against pixelation problems and passive coolers on power unit or active coolers.
    • some TYT-clones (eg. Grundig 130): only 1 scart, only 1 digital out
    • sound: Analogue out a little bit too silent if playing DVD
    • in latest, newest TYT-clones there are new Raymedia loaders (not so perfect) and a new layout of mainboard, alltogether it saves money for producer (TYT), but the user does not get only advantages by improved technics...

    The TYT - clones are the best DVD players to listen to MP3 in hifi-quality and best operating in living-room. They replace CD-player and videorecorder (in some aspects).

    Furthermore the TYT - clones are "Jacks of all trades", that cope with VCD, SVCD, even in non-standard resolutions and bitrates. With some minor issues reported in this test, you can cope with more or less well in practice. By this player you have some safety, that eventually upcoming problems, eg. by new technics of DVD's, could be solved easily by updating firmware via CD.

    My personal opinion is that with premises DVD, SVCD, MP3, Audio-CD I would recommend to purchase a TYT-clone. But only a model that can easily be updated with FW got by world wide web.

    Flexible VCD- and SVCD abilities you will get, too.

    The Grundig GDV 130 was the player [after purchasing 4 players in the half of one year [2 times with ESS-chip (Yamakawa 780, RAITE-clone and CAT 988) and 2 times with Zoran Vaddis III chip (Cytron/Tchibo and Lenco 02)] that fulfilled the author's ambitions and demands for quality and that he did not send back during the one or two weeks period of cost-free exchange !

    Links and bookmarks:
    (There is no liability or responsibility of contents of linked/bookmarked sites. Read "Exclusion of Liability" at the top of this report.)

    Do You recall the asking here for a PayPal donation to keep the service around TYT & clones going ?
    1. only 2 or max. 3 guys were willing to spent a donation.
    2. PayPal was the worstworstworst sh*t ever.
    Never again !
    The spent money would have been only arrived here, if the Paypal account would have been 'upgraded' to an account with monthly fixed costs !!
    At least the willing guys have got back the biggest part of their donation.

    This report in German language; deutsche Originalfassung hier

    Table of contents of this report

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    The TYT DVD group notification service
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    Scan2000 The_TYT_DVD_Clones_Group
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    Americans Daewoo 5700, 5800 - Nerd Out Forum - other DVD players
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    Grundig 130 group of dvdboard
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    Grundig 130 group here at dv-rec.de

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    Tytscan : for technicians
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    Summaries of all users - part 3 in DVD-Board

    Official firmware and loader-FW of Scan SC 2000,
    You need registration at Yahoo, choose "Only special announcements..." !

    Logix 3000

    Daewoo 2000 and clones

    Che's example of DVD picture quality

    Filip's gallery of pictures : inside technics

    official website of Grundig GDV 130

    Informations to loader here in this report
    FW of loader of Scan SC2000
    Firmwares for different loaders, Darren's site, formerly known as "Wizards"
    Herve's pages with loader-informations
    Thread regarding updating loader, checksums on first page

    Player - firmware and updates
    History of firmware TYT - clones
    Update-manual of firmware TYT - clones
    checksums: proving correctness of burned and used firmware files !!
    download of Japos CRC - tool for checksums
    Flashing EEPROM Part 1 , part 2 , part 3 .

    Exactly Audio CD Copying EAC
    MP3: basic infos, links, Lame & other encoders; Be Very Careful, this site contains misinformation and wrong informations !
    Tutorials to EAC .

    MP3 collection for users, actual Lame presets, links, at Dibroms hydrogenaudio group

    REX Guide : true Archive Quality at low bitrates (mpc at about 200 kbit/s = 85% space_saver or also possible: Lossless = even theoretically totally Audio Archiving without any losses with about 30-50% space saving)

    MPC - Better & faster than MP3, true archive Quality at low bitrates

    BergHs collection of links to MPEG, VCD, SVCD
    Tsunamis collection of links to MPEG
    Angel's pages for experts
    SVCD: step to step guides by MB1 here oder here .

    Do You recall the asking here for a PayPal donation to keep the service around TYT & clones going ?
    1. only 2 or max. 3 guys were willing to spent a donation.
    2. PayPal was the worstworstworst sh*t ever.
    Never again !
    The spent money would have been only arrived here, if the Paypal account would have been 'upgraded' to an account with monthly fixed costs !!
    At least the willing guys have got back the biggest part of their donation.

    Original-Firmware for local dealers
    Local Grundig dealers can order latest FW by Grundig to update player of purchasers.
    Phone: Germany - 0 18 05 - 23 18 40
    Numbers of order
    GDV 130 (GR1)
    : 27 59 90 17 16 02
    Malaga 1210 : 27 59 90 17 16 02
    GDV 130 / 02 (GR2) : 27 59 90 17 18 02
    GDV 130 / 04 (GR4) : 27 59 90 17 18 02
    If you have got GDV 130 or GDV 130 / 02 you can recognize at sticker at the back of the player or by setup - volume+. There occurs GR1 or GR2 in SSW.
    Unfortunately there cannot be found GR2-FW's in web contrary to GR1-FW's. GR2/GR4 FW's can be exchanged by GR1 as some users have reported that they succeeded. The difference between GR1 and GR2/4 FW's seems to be language selection in setup at the moment when player comes out of the box, eg. GR4 in New Zealand !
    The proof of identity of all ! four players follows now:
    GDV 130, 130/02, 130/04, Malaga 1210 : Main Module PCB Board : number of order: 27 59 90 10 78 00

    Questions, suggestions ?
    Mail to:
    Kundenberatungszentrum (service for purchasers)
    Grundig Deutschland (Grundig Germany)
    E-Mail : Grundig@Sellbytel.de
    Phone: Germany - 01805 - 302 122 (24 Pf/min)
    Telefax : Germany - 0911 - 7 039 783 (+49 911 7 039 783)
    or: Kundenberatung (purchaser's service) Grundig E-Mail Info@Grundig.com

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    How do I recognize my serial number (for Grundig 130) ?
    The last numbers at the back are important. But the last number must be erased. Eg. .................34567891 results to: 56789

    Serial numbers between 19000 and 27000 have had build in a wrong part. That caused pixelation problems in some DVD-movies (eg. Gladiator), but not in all !
    That is a case of complaint. Grundig exchanges a small part on the board and after this procedure you are getting a perfectly playing DVD-player back.

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